18 December 2010

Ever Heard of a Urkrainian Loom?
(You want to.)

Customers really have their value some days! So we're talking about this unsightly pile in my classroom, when she randomly asks me, "Have you ever heard of the Ukrainian Loom?"


"Well you want to."

What a tease, eh?! So the second she's checked out, all Merry-Christmas'd, and sent on her happy way, guess who rushes back to the computer to bring up YouTube and search for these mysterious Ukrainian Loom videos. Yeah... you probably guessed it.

Well, I done found this!

Ok, those of you who know me, probably know there's little love lost between me and the humble knitting loom. They are great, but not great for me. I know how to use one. I've taught all my kids. I've even contemplated dating one. But when it came time to take him home and introduce him to mom... yeah, it didn't work out. We just weren't meant for each other.

But this one? Oh my, such beautiful hooks and pins! And look! The pattern is different on each side! Such loom knitting glory!

I think I'll just spend the afternoon sitting here eating Christmas Fudge and watching this guy knit instead of digging through that scary burlap sack in the false hope that there's an operator's manual for that knitting machine buried somewhere within...

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